Five Essential Dog Clothes and Accessories

Dog clothes and accessories are serious business these days. So today I am going to review a few essential items that you may have overlooked….

1 – Dog Beds

Every dog needs a bed, especially for older canines like ours. As our house is tiled, and the floor gets very cold. There are a few things to look for in dog beds. Our dogs bed is very sturdy. If your pooch is one that likes to have a bit of a gnaw on her slumber place, then spending extra on a hardy one will save you lots of money in the long run. Another thing is the pillow part on the bottom. Some dogs are terrible wrigglers, constantly moving around in the bed trying to get comfortable, and often the bedding comes out. The bed we have at the moment has two clips on the bottom that keeps it in place! So we don’t have to keep putting it back.

2 – Harnesses

Harnesses are necessary for travelling in cars. They restrain your dog properly, so that they don’t get hurt in an accident, or get in your way while driving, ( not a good idea!! ) our dog finds it hard to resist climbing into an empty lap, so that’s handy for me! She has a very chic purple one that matches her collar. Harnesses are also good for walking, if you are a dog that pulls, or a sneaky dog like ours – that has worked out how to use the leash to pull out of her collar! Harnesses are much better for dog’s that pull, rather than choker chains. Choker or “Check” chains are very bad for dog’s necks, and can damage their throats. Harnesses work much better because they apply pressure to the dog’s whole body rather than their necks.

3 – Collars

Collars are very important, for identification as well as restraint. All dogs should have a collar, and all your pooches need identification tags on them, with your phone number and your name, in case they decide to go walkabout and get lost! It’s all good and well to have a microchip, but not everyone has a scanner for it, do they? Collars are also a basic dog fashion accessory.

4 – Leashes

Leash sizes and length are an important factor. If you have a big strong canine or a medium size dog like ours, your will have a much better time controlling her with a short leash – especially if you need to cross the road. For a small dog a longer leash is probably better, since they are not strong enough to pull away anyway… But I do know how feisty your little pooches get – definitely big dogs trapped in small bodies! Also, as with the collars, leashes can be very fashionable dog clothes and accessories.

5 – Collapsible Water Bowls

Of course everyone needs water – especially when we take our dogs for walks, and they get all hot and thirsty. Dogs can get heat stroke very quickly, you know! If it’s hot make sure you checks their paws. If they are hot your dog may have heat stroke. Of course you can just give them a drink from a tap, but what if you can’t find one? Better safe than sorry, especially when it concerns their health. Or maybe you have a dog like ours who refuses to drink from taps. She hates it when water gets up her nose, and refuses to drink from a tap.

Create Websites For Cell Phones and Blackberrys and Make Money

Blackberrys and Cell phones are in huge demand. Almost everyone owns one if not the other, and they are always on the lookout to upgrade their phone, or buy a more advanced a Blackberry in its place.

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You could provide the information these people need and earn money doing it. You could build a website that has reviews on hand phones and compare process and benefits of each phone and alternatively you might be able to list potential vendors. You do not need to handle the phones.

This is similar to affiliate marketing, with you concentrating on phones alone. You can begin by registering at a site such as Commission Junction. A typical site like this contains over a hundred companies that deal in Blackberrys, cell phones and accessories. These companies are glad to give you a portion of the revenue they get from any customers you have sent them. After registration, submit applications to several of these firms. They normally accept an affiliate without any fuss and provide you with text links and banners to use on your site. When you are developing your web site, either, yourself or through a web designer, maintain a simple design. Potential customers judge the site on the information you provide and not on the flashing lights or bright colors. You will be required to present a professional site as it impacts the sales.

Wait until you have several phone reviews ready before you launch the site. State that other reviews will be added constantly. Make use of a template, to ensure that all the reviews provide a similar look. This will allow the visitors to compare phones much easily. You might be interested in writing an article that compares cell phones to Blackberrys and list advantages of each. What you hope to do is to have on each page links to websites of companies that actually sell devices. In an ideal situation you should utilize text links within the writing.

You might build pages that are on additional accessories for cell phones and Blackberrys, like cases. Once you search on Commission Junction or any other site like it, you will have an idea about possible accessories you could promote.

It is important to have a site that has worthwhile content. You should give real value to visitors on your site, and not just have affiliate links to the actual merchants. Promote your web site through various means and increase your traffic. So now go out and make money.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Cell Phones and Cell Phone Accessories?

There are few things more important in today’s business and consumer world as the cell phone. The advent of the mobile phone has allowed individuals to stay in touch, and continue communicating with each other when on the go. Nowadays cell phones do not only allow you to talk but they let you send and receive emails, text messages, play games, surf the web, and view movies and listen to music.

Choosing the phone that you will feel comfortable with is a daunting task. There are many different features to take into consideration. Design being an important one. When shopping for your new phone you can choose from flip-open, slider style phones, swivel phones that turn and twist open, and flat screen iPad like phones. Other factors that will determine which mobile phone you should buy is brand support, Wi-Fi support, size and weight, battery life, operating system and most important of all what service provider.

The next difficult task once you decide on, which type of cell or mobile you want to purchase is to find a good site with accessories for your phone. There is a huge demand for cell phone add-ons, and there is an equal quantity of sites offering products for sale. Some of the accessories available for mobile phones are chargers, headsets, holsters, faceplate, case, belt clips, batteries, and ringtones. How many of the sites have good quality items for sale and what are some of the reviews from other buyers? Are they any good? These are just some of the questions that you will encounter when you first start shopping for your new cell phone and accessories.

Due to the large quantity of cell phone, and accessories sellers out there, it is difficult for the consumer to find which merchant is offering the best bargains. The buyer is often completely overwhelmed, by all the choices. There are very few websites online that will offer you results from extensive research on the leading businesses in the industry for customer satisfaction and product guarantee but, there are a few that still exist.

Some of the pros and cons of buying cell phones online are that there are so many companies to choose from. The cell phone companies are in competition with each other, and they are all trying hard to attract new customers. The advantages for the consumer are that lower pricing and more product choices which are available to them. Some of the brand names that are popular in today’s market are HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone, complete with all the accessories available for each brand name.